Automatic Electrical
Schematic Inspection

Spend your time on the core design,
let CADY oversee the technical details

I had excellent encounters with the CADY system, which prompted me to become a paying customer. The system’s accuracy, and ability to identify our design mistakes were impressive.

Oren Huber

Thunderbolt CE Manager,

Trusted by

CADY has found an error in a design that was about to go to production. It’s a good thing they caught it in time. This saved us a considerable time and money.

Yariv Reiss
Head of Hardware

The CADY service has proven to be immensely valuable to us, as it has identified design errors that we overlooked.

Shy Mindel
Co-Founder and CEO

CADY is a useful addition to the checks we perform on designs before sending them out for fabrication and assembly. It’s easy to use, and has proven to catch some issues already in a couple prototype designs.

Grayson King
Team Member

About Us

CADY leverages AI technology to automate the laborious task of inspecting electrical schematics, leading to a reduction in re-spins, faster Time to Market, and enhanced quality, reliability, and safety of the end product.

How does it work?

AI technology reads and understands components datasheets

Inspection: detection of errors in the schematic utilizing the datasheets information

Report generation

Fix and recheck

No setup required

Deep electrical analysis

Comprehensive inspection report

Configurable inspection parameters

User friendly

End-to-end secured


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